US History Blended

Course Description

In this two trimester course, students will examine and analyze US History from 1940 to the present.   The class will learn about the events and people who affected this period and how the government and people responded via specific online curriculum materials.  The comprehension of these materials will be checked via Schoology with various formative assessments completed using multiple collaborative grouping techniques.   Pacing of the curriculum will be designed to meet individual needs and ensures understanding of the content to meet the standard through unit objective summative assessments.

Overall themes of social, political, cultural and economic history of the US during the period will be assessed using various project based learning techniques.  These projects will be completed in small working stations with direct teacher instruction.  Students will show their understanding of the ideas of how the past shapes the present and influences the future with project based and essay summative assessments.


Students interested in this US History class should:

  • Complete assignments and content uploaded to Schoology outside of class on a daily basis.
  • Enjoy working in groups to complete long term projects or tasks using technology.
  • Be motivated by creating unique and project based methods to show what you have learned.

Blended US History A Syllabus

Blended US History A Letter Home

Blended US History B Syllabus 2017

All of the content for this blended class can be found by clicking the the following button:

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