IB DP History 20th Century World

Below you will find links to the Diploma Programme’s IB HL Course.  Please use this website to access these forms.  All assignments are located at:

DP Course Outline 2017

Classroom Expectations DP History HL

Paper 2 Topic 8: Independence Movements 1800-2000

Unit 1 Indian Independence

Anticolonialsim vs Nationalism MrW Production

Unit 1 Indian Independence

Unit 2 African Independence

Comparing African Independence MrW Production

Unit 2 Perspectives of African Independence

Unit 3 Vietnam Independence

Viet Minh Leader of the DRV- Fresh Prince Remix MrW Production

Unit 3 Vietnam Independence

Paper 2 Topic 11:  Causes and effects of 20th century wars

Algerian War 1954-1962

The Long and the Short of It-Easy E/Dr Dre Remix Boyz in the Hood MrW Production

Algerian War Questions and Notes

Falklands/Malvinas War 1982

Strats and Ops of Falklands War MrW Production

Falklands War Questions and Notes

The Spanish Civil War

Catalonia Love A MrW Production

Spanish Civil War Notes and Questions

Just War Case Study Analysis / Just War Theory

Paper 1 Prescribed Subject 4:  Rights and Protests

Case Study Paper 1 Civil Rights Movement and Apartheid:  Rights and Protests



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