Cave Art Paleolithic Age


In the comment section below…  answer the following questions.

1.  List 5 images that you recognize from the cave art photos.

2.  Pick one of the images and explain why you think it was an important thing for them to draw.

3.  Explain what you think this artwork says about our world today.

  1. 1. I see T.V, phones, people, love, and houses
    2. I think the phone is important to them because its 2014 where technology is getting more advance.
    3. These drawings is say that our world is full of technology, people, love, and houses

  2. 1) 5 images that I see is, cell phones, TV, cars, pets, and sports

    2) One object that I see that someone drew is a cell phone, and I think that the reason they drew it is because maybe it is important to them, to communicate, take pictures to remember certain events instead of drawing, maybe to even play games to buy time. They could use it for GPS to find their ways around, so I think this is some of the reason they drew cell phones.

    3) I think that these artworks tells how we live today, what we do differently from the past, like how we communicate, have fun, and travel. And I think that it tells us that in today’s time we don’t travel as much no more like going hunting but instead, we stay home, watch TV, play sports and hangout with our friends. Basically, in today’s time we’ve became lazy.

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