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US History


  • Analyze the impact of the War with Mexico on westward expansion and its relationship to the US economy.
  • Analyze historical sources to understand the political relationship with the expansion into Mexico.
  • Identify terms, dates and events significant to the War and its effects.
  • Analyze the developments of the Civil War through research of primary and secondary sources.
  • Identify the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Stephen Douglas, the “Pottawatomie Massacre” and John Brown.
  • Judge the issue of popular sovereignty provided by Stephen Douglas which led to the passing of the Kansas-Nebraska Act as well as the violence which erupted in Kansas as a result of its passing.

Bell Ringer:

Access Unit 5 Folder and Open Collaborative Folder


  1. Complete choice assign due 11/8:
    • To score a 2: #6 Ch 10 Sec 1-2 VOC and #7 Ch 10 Sec 1-2 VOC Quiz
    • To score a 3:Mexico and Compromise Discussion AND GR:  The Union in Peril
    • To score a 4:  Civil War Report Flipgrid
  2. Check in with individual students

20th Century World


  • Identify and compare the origins, methods and goals of the Viet Minh, Viet Cong and ARVN forces in Vietnam’s battle for independence.
  • Evaluate the overall possibilities of each military organization’s possible success. 

Bell Ringer:

Review What’s Up Doc? Questions


  1. Intro Viet Minh, Viet Cong and ARVN Discussion
  2. Complete Discussion by end of class!
  3. Finish Reading by Monday Lowe and Vadney in Schoology

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