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US History


  • Identify and understand the American Republic, the Articles of Confederation and compromises that led to the ratifying of the constitution.
  • Explain the events of the Constitutional Convention and implications on American political history.

Bell Ringer:

Find Unit 3 Prezi in Collaborative Folder


  1. Take Notes on Unit 3 Preview
  2. Preview Formative Assessments:
    • to score a 2:  #1 Who do you Trust Discussion,  #2 VOC Ch 5 Sec 1-3 ,  and #3 VOC Ch 5 Sec 1-3 Quiz
    • to score a 3:  What’s Up Doc? Federal Pillars
    • to score a 4:  Philosophers of Govt Press Conference Assign, Matrix and Discussion

IB History of the Americas


  • Identify Miguel Hidalgo and his role in Mexican Independence.
  • Analyze Hidalgo’s impact on the Independence movements in Latin and South America.

Bell Ringer:

Move into same groups from Friday


  1. Mexican Ind Media Presentation
  2. Present Doc/Quest/Visuals
  3. Formative Notes Assign Due Tues/Wed by end of class

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