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US History


  • Explain the international and domestic tensions resulting from the Cold War.
  • Analyze the American government’s effort to investigate citizen’s loyalty and its effects on society.
  • Identify John F. Kennedy’s ideas and dealings with the Cold War.
  • Analyze the Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis and Berlin Crisis and their effect on American politics.
  • Analyze the political effect of the Cold War and Kennedy’s failures on American politics.

Bell Ringer:

Log in to Schoology and Take the #4 McCarthyism Quiz


  1. Guide Students completing 2 work through following:
    • Take #4 McCarthyism Quiz as Pretest
    • Watch Poisoned Dreams
    • Complete #5 GV Poisoned Dreams
  2. Students completing 3/4 work will do following due Monday midnight:
    • To score a 3:  What’s Up Doc? Space Race
    • To score a 4:  McCarthyism CLSAssign
  3. Cold War Pretest due tonight at Midnight!!!

IB 20th Century World


  • Identify Robert McNamara and his ideas about 20th century wars.
  • Analyze lessons of war as presented by former American Defense Secretary.

Bell Ringer:

Prepare Notes for “Fog of War”


  1. Watch “Fog of War”/Take notes on Lessons
  2. Present Vietnam Bio Lesson Plan Due Next Friday

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