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US History


  • Identify the term Manifest Destiny and summarize their effect on US history.
  • Analyze the economic reasons for manifest destiny and its effect on Native populations.

Bell Ringer:

Open Unit 1 –> Collab Foder –>Westward Expansion Doc Analysis


  1. Westward Expansion Video
  2. Complete Westward Expansion Doc Analysis
  3. Choice Assign: complete 2 of the following
    • #1 Unit 1 Civil War and Reconstruction Intro Discussion (Writing Questions Using Prezi)
    • # 2 Ch 9 VOC
    • #3 GV: the Alamo
  4. Take #4 Ch 9 VOC Quiz by end of class

IB 20th Century World


  • Preview and analyze the causes, practices and effects of the Algerian War.
  • Apply knowledge of key terms and events in the Algerian War to a graphic organizer.
  • Analyze the factors which lead to guerilla war and challenges this warfare presents to combatants.

Bell Ringer:

Open Topic 11 Paper 2 Portfolio Summative


  1. Go over Summative and Algerian War Organizer
  2. Work on Algerian War VOC #1
  3. Complete Guerilla War Discussion for Wed/Thurs

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