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US History p. 3/4


  • Create a chart that analyzes the effects of exploration on the Native and African societies of the 15th centuries.
  • Identify terms related to early European civilization and exploration.
  • Identify terms related to Spanish colonization of the New World.
  • Describe some of the social consequences of their presence in the New World as the result of intentions.

Bell Ringer:

Look at Who Discovered America?  Discussion


  1. Review Who Discovered America? Discussion
  2. Finish Choice Assign’s:  #1 Unit Intro Presentation Assign, #2 VOC Ch 1 Sec 5 and #3 GR Iroquois Constitution.
  3. Take #4 VOC Ch 1 Sec 5 Quiz
  4. Intro Effect of Euro Colonization Chart

IB 20th Century World p. 6/7


  • Organize, plan and create a presentation of one event from your summer.
  • Analyze a presentation of one student to evaluate the historical account of their summer break.
  • Explain the origins of anti-colonialism and the rise of nationalism in India.
  • Evaluate the impact of anti-colonialism and rise of nationalism in India on a movement towards independence.

Bell Ringer:

Prepare for last My Revisionist History Presentations


  1. My Revisionist History
  2. Open Schoology and Access Unit 1 India Folder
  3. Play Anti-colonialism vs. Nationalism/take notes
  4. Watch Hans Rosling’s 200 Years intro/take notes
  5. Use videos, Strayer, Vadney and Lowe texts to fill out Vocab List and Organizer
  6. Present Indian Independence Graphic Organizer

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