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US History


  • Describe the first inhabitants of America and the common misconceptions of who discovered America.
  • Rewrite the main ideas and themes behind colonization and the events leading to the US declaration of independence.

Bell Ringer:

Pick up Playlists from front of room.


  1.  Present Playlists
  2. Review Who Discovered America? Discussion
  3. Choice Assign:  #1 Intro Presentation/#2 Ch 1 Sec 5 VOC/#3 GR Iroquois Constitution

IB 20th Century World


  • Organize, plan and create a presentation of one event from your summer.
  • Analyze a presentation of one student to evaluate the historical account of their summer break.

Bell Ringer:

Review requirements for My Revisionist History


  1. Day 2 Tasks
  2. Presentations Tom 5th/6th hr and Wed 7th hr

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