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US History A Blended


  • Evaluate the impact of WWII on the advancement of minorities in the US.

Bell Ringer:

Watch Japanese Internment Video


  1. Whole Group:  Japanese Internment Video
  2. Ind Work:  #12 Internment Discussion
  3. Small Group:  Finish all Collab Form by tom!

IB 20th Century World


  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the British and Argentinian military.
  • Evaluate the impact of geography on the outcome of the Falklands War.

Bell Ringer:

Review p 45-47 in Causes text about combatants in Falklands War.


  1. Watch “Most Daring Raid”
  2. Complete “Most Daring Raid” Quiz by next class meeting

US History A p. 6


  • Identify ideas, terms and concepts related to WWII.
  • Analyze the causes and effects which resulted in the start of WWII, evaluate the use of the ABomb and the effects of these events on American society.

Bell Ringer:

Access Pt. II Summative Essay


  1. Turn in any more coins
  2. Complete Pt. II Summative Essay
  3. Work on Unit 2 Cold War Folder

US History B p. 7


  • Describe the growth and diversity of the Latino Population in the United States
  • Summarize the efforts of Latinos to secure civil rights and respect for their cultural heritage
  • Explain the efforts of Native Americans to secure reforms in government policies

Bell Ringer:

Finish Ch 17 VOC Sec 3 Quiz


  1. Work on quiz
  2. Read Aloud Cesar Chavez reading
  3. Complete Latino Native American Comparison Assignment
  4. Start working on GR Rights Revolution Expands

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