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US History A


  • Analyze the economic, political and social changes that occurred in Postwar America.
  • Explain white flight to the suburbs and its effect on “the Other America” as described by Michael Harrington.

Bell Ringer:

Read and answer questions for Michael Harrington’s “Other America”


  1. Discuss “Other America” Notes
  2. Read Aloud “Other America”
  3. Apply ideas to Pt. II of Summative
  4. Complete White Flight Discussion
  5. Summative Due Tom!

IB 20th Century World P. 4


  • Identify key events, people and ideas that apply to the independence of India and various African nations.
  • Apply ideas from African Independence to essay questions for paper 2 exam.

Bell Ringer:

Log on to Kahoot


  1. Kahoot African Ind
  2. Discuss Paper 2 Topic 8 Summative/ Due 11/28
  3. African Ind Summative due Friday before class


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