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US History B p. 4


  • Examine the war’s painful legacy in the United States and Southeast Asia
  • Analyze historical sources based on their purpose and value

Bell Ringer:

Preview Unit 2 Social Movements Prezi


  1.  Discuss Unit 2
  2. GR Kent St. Timed
  3. GV:  PBS Doc Vietnam Pt. III Homefront
  4. Kent St. Articles Analysis
  5. Read and answer questions on RG Ch 23

IB HOA p. 6/7


  • Identify the impact of media and yellow journalism on the Spanish-American War.
  • Analyze the relationship between the Spanish-American War and Yellow Journalism as well as its affect on American Society.

Bell Ringer:

Complete formative quiz if didn’t get 2 or higher


  1.  Summative Due TONIGHT by Midnight/by 2pm if on paper
  2. Work on summative

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