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US History B P. 1


  • Describe the TET offensive and its effect on the American Public
  • Explain the domestic turbulence of 1968
  • Describe the 1968 presidential election
  • Describe Nixon’s policy of Vietnamization
  • Explain the public’s reaction the Vietnam war during Nixon’s presidency
  • Describe the end of US involvement and the final outcome in Vietnam
  • Examine the war’s painful legacy in the US and Southeast Asia

Bell Ringer:

Complete GR: What Happened at My Lai?


  1.  Finish GR
  2. Vietnam Notes IV
  3. Work on Vocab Ch 16 Sec 3/4/Quiz Tom!!!

IB HOA P. 5/6


  • Compare different perspectives related to the origins of the Spanish American War.
  • Evaluate and reflect on the impact of the Spanish American War on the region of the Americas.

Bell Ringer:

Complete Spanish American War Discussion


  1.  Work on Discussion
  2. Three Perspectives of Spanish American War OPVL
  3. Jigsaw and answer Doc Questions

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