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US History A


  • Analyze the economic, political and social changes that occurred in Postwar America.
  • Examine the effects of the baby boom and suburbia on the rise of the auto industry and consumerism.
  • Identify the economical, technological and social force of the automobile and its effect on U.S. traditions.
  • Analyze the impact of the automobile on society.
  • Interpret the effect of the consumerism on the United States.
  • Analyze historical advertisements from the 1950’s.

Bell Ringer:

Complete Home and Auto Consumership Discussion


  1. Discuss Home and Auto Consumerism 50s
  2. Baby Boom and Autos Notes
  3. GR 1950s
  4. Finish Pt. I of Summative by Tuesday!

US History B


  • Describe Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter’s political positions and how they were affected by past administrations.
  • Analyze the factors which influenced Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter’s presidencies and politics

Bell Ringer:

Review Ch 18 Sec 1/2 and 2/3 VOC


  1.  Discuss Ch 18 Sec 1/2 and 2/3 VOC
  2. Work on iMovie Projects
  3. Turn in Social Movement Project Summative
  4. All assignments through Ford and Nixon Quiz Completed by Tuesday



  • Provide a critical analysis of the rise in Nationalism in the Americas during the 19th century and its impact on various ideological trends.
  • Identify proper citations for sources covering with questions dealing with history.
  • Create a detailed annotated bibliography to research a topic and question in history.

Bell Ringer:


Take Objective Test


  1.  Take Unit 3 Formative Objective Test (must score 2 or higher to take summative)
  2. Review Citations for Bibliography for IA
  3. Topic/Question/Annotated Bibliography due March 4th!
  4. Timed Essay Unit 3 Summative on Tues/Wed

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